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529 Lake Avenue St. James NY 11780

631-360-CURE (2873)

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The Cure MS Foundation of New York is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of multiple sclerosis using methods that will “Do No Harm”.  Funding research is the core focus of the Foundation.  All funds raised support our mission.  We have made alliances with some of the top leading research experts in the world.  This team of experts is working on therapeutic approaches to eradicate MS.  In addition to combating MS through research in a clinical environment, we are helping those suffering with MS get the needed therapeutic help needed to live life to the fullest that is at times not easily afforded due to insurance coverages.  We hope to increase awareness by educating the public about this devastating disease.


Since 2012, Cure MS Foundation of New York has raised in excess of $225,000 in contributions.  We are funding a cutting edge clinical study on the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with world renowned MS research Doctor, Patricia Coyle.  100% of all foundation spending has gone to supporting research.


In our infancy, as a non profit organization, we were nominated for the prestigious “Imagine Awards” for the ongoing entrepreneurial spirit we have in raising funds for this great cause.  In May 2012, we opened the doors to MS CUREiosity’s Closet.  This high end designer consignment boutique has increased awareness about Multiple Sclerosis in the surrounding community.  100% of the profits go to Cure MS Foundation of New York and it’s mission.  Shoppers and Consignors can read the literature about what this Disease is about and how they are helping us get one step closer to a cure.


We are proud of the tremendous strides that we are making.  Today’s landscape has forced modern medicine to take a look at treatments that will not cause harm.  Treatments with fewer side effects and that will not create other medical issues.  Today’s consumer and patient are better informed.  They ask more questions and demand clearer answers.  What will treatment side effects do to my quality of life?  What will be the long term effect of taking this drug?  How can we make these treatments safer? These are the questions that were the seeds to our foundation.


There are over two million people living with this unpredictable devastating disease....there are in excess of a dozen drugs with FDA approval to help stop the progression of this disease and more coming out in the very near future....NONE without side effects....You have to ask at times if this is the BEST we can do.  The only way a research doctor does research is through grants....Grants have to be supported.  Cure MS Foundation of New York is dedicated in supporting those grants.